1111 Guest Blog BearsWave.Com Bear Woznick – Author of Deep in the Wave and – Masters World Tandem Surf Champ Shares His Barefoot Beach Work Out

Can you imagine paddling with all your might down the face of a double over head wave with your partner laying in front of you on the surfboard paddling just as hard as you.


As you free fall down the face of the wave you both get up as if you are one person.

As she is getting up, you grab her waist and pull her back to you and as she grabs your wrists and then jumps as you lift her into a shoulder stand on your shoulders. As she leaps you turn hard powering a bottom and she keeps her legs slightly bent

acting like shock absorbers. You trim the board firing down the wave face and
you reach up and place each hand on each of her thighs just and she pushes off
suspended in the full splits over you as you press your hands to fully extend them.

You both feel exhilarated and the incredible thought comes to you that at that moment,
of the billions of people alive on the world, you are the only two doing that. What kind of physical fitness would it take to be able to experience this. You may not

lift a woman over your head in an acrobatic pose while surfing but, you can train like a
professional tandem surfer and derive the life changing benefits.

I am fifty nine years old and still tandem surfing at a world class level. This article gives
you the key to being in the best shape of your life. Although you need a little sand and
water you do not need a gym to do experience one the best cross training work outs
there is. The great thing about beach work outs is that when you need a quick cool
down the water is right there.

1. Train from the Inside out.

In bigger surf and in competition the tandem surfer needs to first be able to center
himself to stay focused. The linebacker aggro attitude does not work in surfing. You
have to learn to go with the flow and to harness the power of the wave. When you
are “Deep in the Wave” in a tube, everything around you is roaring and exploding but
in those moments inside the barrel time stands still. You are living in the now. Every
surfer needs to enter into the calm zone, the tune ride if you will at the center of their
soul. I have lost many heats because I was too amped up with fractured energy.

Every sunset I try to carry myself into the zone. As the sun is about to set on the
horizon imagine myself deep in a tube or resting in the presence of The Creator of the
Waves and start taking deep breaths saturating my body with oxygen. As the sun
first kisses the ocean, I take one more deep breath and then I gradually let it out while saying a centering prayer until I see the green flash as the sun blinks out beneath the sea.

Note being able to release tension in your life lethally brings the quality of your life to an
early end. Learning to center your self in prayer and meditation can save your life and
add quality to every day your live. If I can hold my breath until the sunsets I know that I am ready for heavy surf conditions.

2. The Secret Ninja Weapon – Flexibility Training

As a Ninja Blackbelt, I bring to my surfing the awareness of flexibility. During my quest
for world titles in tandem surfing, I did five hours a week minimum of yoga, pilates or
stretching. Now I do about two hours a week. Bikram yoga taught me the value of
stretching in a hot environment like a jacuzzi or sauna. But I am also careful to do
one cold stretch a week otherwise I know that I am mostly stretching muscle and my
ligaments are not getting the stretch that I know they need.through Bikram to stretch my
muscle but have also learned that to hit the ligaments is best to stretch before warming
up otherwise you are just stretching muscle. Live Weal a cool surfboard based flexibility
work out. You can link to them through my website.

3. The Barefoot Beach Run/Walk.

Every day I do a minimum of four miles of barefoot beach work out. My first mile is
a warm up and then I do a mile of interval training and then the rest is a fast walk. It’s
tough walking on sand. It is a low impact way of getting your heart rate up. Usually a
twenty minute mile rate is right in that key fat burning range.

I have been doing this beach work out for nearly twenty years, but. Have learned when
new people start with me that their joints needs to work up to it. Listen to your legs and
ease into this. Never walk on the sand close to the water it tends to be at an angle and
doing this for long distances can damage your ligaments and spine. The most common
of all beach injuries is an ankle sprain caused by two many holes left by sand castle
builders and children relentlessly digging for china so be aware. I know looking at the
cute sunbathers can be a distraction but keep aware.

4. Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

The Greatest physical conditioning weapon in my arsenal is Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
and the good news is that you can do it almost anywhere. I have personally done it in
Estonia, Sweden, Spain, France, Thailand, Arizona, up and down both coasts on the US mainland and of course right here in Hawaii.

I use my own model the Bear Standem Board. It is made for tandem surfing and stand
up. I walk across the sand from my home on the beach in Waikiki, pinch the satelite
finder button on my garmin 410 gps watchto track map my workout and pace and I
stand up my board and stroke my 6.5 carbon fibre paddle.

I call it surfing the back nine since there are nine different surf spots between my house
near the Duke Statue to eh harbor near the Rainbow Hilton. Its a little over a mile if I
paddle straight but by the time I surf all those spots its my far in reads 2.5 miles. I pull
in by the Hilton and do my beach work out and then paddle upwind back home.

Any body in reasonable shape can enjoy stand up paddling in calm waters. Then later
work your way up to bumpier conditions and then try catching waves. When I first
started SUP for waves I felt like I had been kicked in the solar plexus as every part of
core was constantly firing. You will work every muscle group in your body from large
muscles to smaller stabilizer muscles. Every nervier fiber will be massaged as your fast
twitch muscles fire to stabilize you.

After my beach work out i take a more direct course home so its about 1.5 miles but
into the trade winds it becomes more and mo an anaerobic work out. I push the paddle
with my top hand keeping the palm open to make sure that I am pushing it and at then I
pull the with my bottom hand. I am getting chest and triceps on the top arm and biceps
lats shoulders and back with the other. All the time my legs are slightly bent with the
bigger muscles burning and the stabilizer muscles twitching. My legs have gotten
much bigger than when I was doing dead lifts and squats. I have a flatfooted friend that
now has an inch and one quarter arch after stand up paddling every day. Women Sup
paddling can help you develop that classic heart shaped posterior.

5. Making it Real – Beach Lifts

Of course centerpiece to my tandem work out is lifting my tandem partner on the beach
My website has video that shows 45 different lifts. I hold each lift in a sequence for
ten seconds. There are so many former cheerleaders and gymnasts around now that
women are doing much better finding someone to lift them. It used to be when I taught
tandem surfing lifts that there would literally one hundred women every man. But now
it is more like five girls for very guy. If you are looking for a partner, try cheerleading,
gymnastic, dance and martial arts schools. Its best if there are two couples training so
that you can offer advice and of course spot the girl. You can always email a video of
your efforts and I can detail your lifts for you.


6. Under Water Rock Running











A few months before the big wave season I start to paddle out to deeper water where I have left about a twenty five pound rock or weight. Then I hold my breath, dive down, grab the rock and run on the ocean floor as long as I can. I always do this with a partner in case one of us passes out. Try once holding your breath while running fifty feet. It reveals a lot about your mental strength and lung capacity.

7. I periodically supplement my regular work out with water running interval training
running in about eight inches of water. This level of water causes me to explode my
feet up out of the water so it is a cardio and plyometric work out. At the end of each
length before I run back I do five frog jumps. This adds to my plyometric explosive leg
strength that I need for my lifting my partner and power turning.

8. Beach Walking with my Partner Standing on my shoulders.

I guess that is self explanatory.

This work out regimen has kept me healthy, strong and agile. At the age of fifty nine in
some ways I feel more fit than ever. Please contact me with your results and thoughts
on this work out.


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